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NEWS... Long and painful journey


this is my first post after been absent for almost 6 years.

Yesterday probably the most heart breaking news i ever heard after too much chaos for the last 2 months. (not including COVID-19 news)

How much Arashi is important to me, NEWS existence also playing a major part of my Johnny's fandom.

The departure of Tegoshi from NEWS was so painful because i've spend more years with 4-nin NEWS than 6-nin NEWS.
He still haven't complete his STORY with us yet.

I'm still clueless what i should think about his decision to leave NEWS and us, fans.
I still need to hear, at least, a short explanation why the jimushou decided to terminate his exclusive contract. Then later i can think what i should feel about Tegoshi.

Did i feel angry, betray or left behind? i'm not sure.

After seeing one by one senpai members leaving the agency after Johnny-san passed away & the changes for the top management, i still stand with my own self judgement that something fishy is going on behind the curtain, although i didn't have any evidence.

NEWS situation probably not as worst as SMAP, but somehow i feel that they're getting the same treatment as SMAP. The next black goat of the company.

I'm gonna be with NEWS and supports them till the end.
Koyama Keiichiro, Kato Shigeaki, & Masuda Takahisa. 💜💛💚💜💛💚💜💛💚

Tegoshi Yuya, Yamashita Tomohisa, Nishikido Ryo, Kusano Hironori, Uchi Hiroki, Moriuchi Taka - Thank you for sharing your vocals and talents for NEWS.

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Nothing better than having this kind of news~~~~


my first post of the year that i nagging about ジャニーズWEST4
yet today, also since yesterday

Ryusei,Hama-chan & Kami-chan are part of ジャニーズWEST

Yesterday, i keep seeing my TL full with scans of 7-nin
ジャニーズWEST members taken from duet March edition & Japanese fans are questioning about it *so do me ^^*
i'm afraid that it's just a promotional pics for Naniwa-zamurai butai but gladly it wasn't ^^
Here *of course the scans are not mine. credits to the owner*

*i missed Hama-chan Kai-kun hair T_T*

even their
“なにわ侍 ハロー東京!! promotional poster had change from 4 to 7 members


some fans worried that their formation might end up just like Kisumai but hopefully they're not.
i couldn't said how thankful i am to Johnny-san about this. i know that if they stick to the original plan, it definitely will hurt both side, the boys & fans.
when i read the translation of oricon article here, i can understand how much they're care of each other. The first announcement pretty much hurting Hama-chan & Kami-chan *T_T* but i like when they said this
“Only when we’re together, we can shine”"

indeed!!! That's my first image of Kanjuu that i love. they're supporting each other, they work really hard to achieved what they'd right now. i like their spirits, i like their cheerfulness, i love their talents, i praised their talents ^^

i'm shivering while waiting for the official news because this is my first time experiencing my favourite Jrs. group to debut. i keep supporting them since 2008 & i will continue to support them as
ジャニーズWEST and i will do that also to the rests of Kanjuu XDDD

Omedetou ジャニーズWEST~~~~

Happy 2014~~~

Hello ^^
this super lazy owner~~~ as always~~~
i had so much to wrote last year but end up do nothing... haha
so i wanna start with an amazing announcement during last year JCD

Finally, THIS!!!!!! OFFICIALLY!!!!
2nd Kansai Jr group to debut since Eito debut, about 10 years ago


of course most of Kanju fans knows about it coz the news about it already being announced after 1st day of Another butai but who will part of it still mystery. yet still, most of us able to predict who might be, B.A.D + 7west, coz both groups are the longest & the most popular Kansai Jr members.
I'm so happy but so sad & too shocked when they announced the members. Only Kiriyama, Junta, Shige & Kotaku~~~ WHATTTTTTTTT?????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
where's Ryusei & Kamiyama??? why??? why??? TTTT________TTTTT
something like this always happen with Jrs but too consider that both of them are among top Kansai jr & not part of this group, i'm so sad. Probably for them to be part of it, ZERO..
According to this post, seems like the songs that they performed during JCD will be their debut song, title Ee~ Jyanai ka
i do like the song... sounds so Kansai-ish... haha
Still, i'm so proud with all of them coz i see their situation just like Kisumai & Ebi, waited for so long to debut & finally, their effort being paid wisely ^^ i will support them as much as i can.. ジャニーズWEST4, Omedetou for your debut =)

*becoz this is the image that i've always had all the time after the 1st debut news, but without Ryusei & Kamiyama, it feels so empty T_T*
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Gomen~~~~ T_T i'm so lazy to write anything =(

Hello there ^^
seems like i'm still lazy to make a move to write although i had so many things in mind =_=
around this week, i'm so into V6 and i don't know why ^^
maybe after i saw their new johnny's-net group picture or when Sakamoto-san was invited in VS Arashi, i need to search something about them..haha

i did found this picture is so funny XDDD
which later i realized that the Kamisen members are shorter than all Tonisen members.
i don't have so much things to do.... =P
i'd have found one file about this V6 PV Dictionary and i ended up watching all V6 PV's from their debut days up til the latest one from Oh! My! Goodness! album ^^
should say that now my favourite songs are Only Dreaming, Way of Life & Change The World... haha..i always happen to like this kind of genre.
somehow i can feel the variety with V6 by watching all the PVs or by listening to their songs. way different that what i feel with Arashi
i even compare between Popcorn & Oh! My! Goodness! album... it's so much fun with OMG album than Popcorn...really much =)

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couldn't be the same

Hello ^^

can you see the similarities between these two photos?


i'm not issuing about plagiarism issue since both pictures taken by the same photographer, Ninagawa Mika but i think she should come out with different style. it is just too identical, not very smart decision =(

i'm uploading EXILE TAKAHIRO picture got nothing to do with the news about his first solo single but about EXILE itself. Lately, EXILE & their entire LDH family, really grab my attention. Recently, i saw 1 of my t-list tweet about this

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Hello Johnny's Jr dramas ^O^

Hello ^^

Spring drama is already started & i'm already looking forward for several dramas ^^. Bad Boy J has been on my list by the time i know about it since it include most of my favourite Johnny's Jr. Plus this drama being directed by Bakaleya director, so i hoping to see how his new work will be ^^

i'm kind like fond with a late-night weekend drama starting from Bakaleya up until Shinryochu In the Room & now they had passed the baton to Bad Boy J.
Supposedly the purpose of watching all of these drama based of the plot, but i'm pretty much loves to see how all of those boys acts on drama.
I'm used to watch their acting when then performed a butai but becoz for the drama it on a different world, i wish to see more from them. =)
Well, i'm gonna listed all of the drama along with the Johnny's cast from each drama & wrote a simple opinion regarding all those drama ^^

Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou
Collapse )

Collapse )

Collapse )

Shinryochu In The Room
Collapse )

Bad Boy J
Collapse )

With all these 5 dramas, i'm glad when the Jimushou had pushed forward the members of Snow Man, Shintaro, Juri, Yasui, Jesse & Hokuto into acting. When most of them haven't gain lots of an opportunity to sing, except for Jesse & Hokuto, & i feel that Yasui's vocal not that strong to become a singer.
Hoping that i can watch several drama from Spring season drama *i do watch a lot for Winter season drama =)*. Bad Boy J, Kasuka no Kanojo & Kazoku Game already on my lists *i found out that the story line for the other 2 drama sounds interesting. Kazoku Game not for the sake for Sho-kun =P & i feel that the combination of Anne & Shingo-san will be great in Kasuka no Kanojo*

Talks about Kasuka no Kanojo, this story will be fun i guess. i always like Anne & this drama also listed so many talented actor & actress *senior actress, Maya Miki is one of my favourite actress ^^*. Kitayama as a teacher, this is fun ^^ Back in 2011, he & Fujigaya got a role as a students although they're already 24 & 25 years old ^^

Jrs in Kasuka no Kanojo.

As much as i love the story line, these 3 Jrs will be Shingo-san students. Once again, Shin-chan got a student role & this is a first drama for Genki. I do love to see Genki talent in acting since i've an image of his as a shy boy, not as Jinguji, since that boy always looks so cheerful =)

Johnny's cast in Kasuka no Kanojo
Teachers: Katori Shingo (SMAP), Kitayama Hiromistu (Kis-My-Ft2)
Students: Johnny's Jr = Morimoto Shintaro, Iwahashi Genki, Jinguji Yuta

until to the next post. i wish i can post about Johnny's Jr later. hope i can do that =_=

New arrival, new release

Hi ^O^
this week, i finally received my Arashi single & Ebi DVD and i'm so glad that Ebi's posters turn out to be fine, so much better than what HMV HK had done to my YUI's poster T_T , here
Later, i'd realized that the skits for this DVD were the rest that haven't being included in Zutto Love DVD, the ones that received a lower votes by fans.

*i feels like Ebi looks so different, which i think Ebi's make-up artist puts too much foundation on their face =P*

Well, yesterday i received a unexpected news *but it something that can be easily predicted*



i did predict that they might release it sooner but not TOO SOON. next month on 24th, 4 months after Arafes O_O
which the most exciting part about this DVD is, it taken during their Tokyo Dome concert December last year.
It's been a while that they used Tokyo Dome footage for a DVD. The last one was Time, it's on 2007!!! they rest was Kokuritsu & Fukuoka Dome for Scene concert.
i'm pretty much excited about this since they performed Super Fresh!! YAY FOR SUPER FRESH!!!!
what can i asked for more. My Girl is my most ultimate single from Arashi. Tokei Jikake no Umbrella for Arafes & now, Super Fresh for Popcorn *cries*

but the most hurtful thing is that, flumpool & NICO also will release new stuff on the same date. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
NICO will come out with a new album, Shout to the Walls! & flumpool with new DVD, Special Live 2013 Experience
why must all of my favourite Japanese artist release everything on the same date T_T
Arashi, NICO & flumpool are my top Japanese artist that i prioritize if they release anything.
of course i can't get all those on the same time. had to prioritize more for Arashi. why on earth......


seems like someone already upload this concert & i'm halfway to get all files.
sassuga from Eito, this concert is so awesome.
gonna watch this.
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3 weeks to the 1st week of March ^^

Hi there ^^
Gonna be my 2nd entry for this year =)
well, as mention in the title above, 1st week of march will be such a good week.
2 of my favourite Johnny's Jimusho group will release their new single, Arashi & A.B.C-Z.
Technically, A.B.C-Z or Ebi is under DVD section, Arashi for normal CD single
*aaa...haven't post any introduction about Ebi in my page..will post it later ^^*

just sharing the CD covers for Arashi single that they just upload on j-storm & johnny's net today, but most of fans already saw it around last weekends XDDD

Calling/ Breathless
arashi LE Aarashi LE b arashi RE

uwaahhh... it's been a long time that they haven't got such an awesome covers, with a dark-theme feeling. i mean for all editions.
It is JE style that offers a bundle of goodies under LE, with so-so cover & bring the most ultimate picture for RE which 'force' fans to buy all editions T_T
i'm gonna stick with the LE...well, if all the other 2 song in RE sounds nice, i will get it later ^^
Last week, they already release a preview for Calling & it's looks really promising.
Hopefully, around this week or next week, they will show the preview for Breathless.
Calling got a strong rock-ish sound which i really hope they will use a real band to play the music for them. it will be so perfect ^^
Breathless is a good up-beat sound. gonna be my next favourite up-beat song after Face Down & Mada minu sekai e

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Twinkle Twinkle A.B.C-Z


OMG...their covers are so colorful ;_;
*what the heck with Tottsu pose >_<*
some might think the covers a bit hmmm, well omoshiro & different are the best word to describe what kind of group Ebi are XDD
johnny's net & abc-z official site already publish this about last week & can't stop laughing each time i see the LE version XDD
For the 1st picture, left one for the LE & next is RE. on below, left for HMV Lawson version & on right shop version DVD.
Because this DVD will be release a month after their 1st debut anniversary on February, Shop version & HMV Lawson version offers an extra gives for their fans.
HMV version comes with a 12 page CD booklet & Shop edition offers 1st anniversary bag & towel
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i'm so looking forward for both single. how i wish my next greedy wish that to see Arashi & Ebi appears on the same show ^^ 
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Happy 2013

Hisasshiburi minna~~~
Happy new year, although it's already the 4th day for this year ^^
my first ever entry & surprisingly i only had 1 post for 2012. what a record... hahaha
like usual, for my end year activities, i always had it for Kouhaku Uta Gassen & Johnnys Countdown
hardly to missed both program ^^
my post regarding both program are late but who care ^^

i'm so glad this year Shirogumi able to win back the title. YES!!!!
but the numbers are so close. both have a strong competitor against each other. love it 
Kouhaku results

later, i'm rush to watch Johnnys Countdown (JCD)
since my keyhole is totally out of control, which makes me so damn pissed off.
halfway off, on back but it will takes too much time. grrrr

i'm excited for this year JCD becoz i hope that they makes improvement for the stage, performance etc
for the past few years, everything always the same make it dull and a bit boring?
maybe that's for me only
also bcoz i've started to get interested with Johnnys Jr, i would like to see if any of them appears on stage as a backdancer

The stage
JCD_intro nbsp;
what can i say. i'm so impressed with the stage where you can see that they make number 15 as a stage *might be 15th year anniversary for JCD?*
and also their huge double-4 stories moving stages with all the debut members on it. NUTS!!!
Tokio, V6, Kinki Kids, Arashi, Tackey & Tsubasa, Kanjani8, Kat-Tun, NEWS, Hey!Say!JUMP, Sexy Zone, ABC-Z, Kis-My-Ft2, Yamapi, Shounentai & Matchy-san
also along with Kansai Jrs (YAY~~~), Yara-san, Uchi, Yuma, & Johnny's Jrs 
what so special for this time, both Tackey & Tsubasa appears on JCD stage becoz usually Takki had a butai & unable to be there
but Takki still perform his Kakkumei song with ABC-Z ass his back dancer, like usual ^^

JCD_5_Matchy & Kinki Kids
Kinki Kids & Matchy-san as the main host
Collapse )

i know that Japan had restricted artist that below 18 to appears/ perform live at TV at certain time but i'm not pretty sure regarding the age & actual time limit.
Nakaken performed alone, where he is the only Sexy Zone members above 18 & camera still shooting at Shori & Fuma, plus the rest of Jrs like Kotaki, Hokuta, Jesse & Toma which above 15.
no sight of Sou & Marius, might be anyone below 15 cannot appear at live show after 10, maybe?
well, it's a great show for 2013 & i hope to see more of them for this year
Johnnys idoru minasan, gambate neee~~~ 
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hisashiburi minna~~~
haven't post anything for the past 6 months
I'm glad the new lj apps for Android already being improved
can post new journal from my phone
should update regularly from now on
hait, gambare ikimasshou =)

pretty much enjoyed this album, especially Hero XDDD