February 5th, 2014

fish head

Nothing better than having this kind of news~~~~


my first post of the year that i nagging about ジャニーズWEST4
yet today, also since yesterday

Ryusei,Hama-chan & Kami-chan are part of ジャニーズWEST

Yesterday, i keep seeing my TL full with scans of 7-nin
ジャニーズWEST members taken from duet March edition & Japanese fans are questioning about it *so do me ^^*
i'm afraid that it's just a promotional pics for Naniwa-zamurai butai but gladly it wasn't ^^
Here *of course the scans are not mine. credits to the owner*

*i missed Hama-chan Kai-kun hair T_T*

even their
“なにわ侍 ハロー東京!! promotional poster had change from 4 to 7 members


some fans worried that their formation might end up just like Kisumai but hopefully they're not.
i couldn't said how thankful i am to Johnny-san about this. i know that if they stick to the original plan, it definitely will hurt both side, the boys & fans.
when i read the translation of oricon article here, i can understand how much they're care of each other. The first announcement pretty much hurting Hama-chan & Kami-chan *T_T* but i like when they said this
“Only when we’re together, we can shine”"

indeed!!! That's my first image of Kanjuu that i love. they're supporting each other, they work really hard to achieved what they'd right now. i like their spirits, i like their cheerfulness, i love their talents, i praised their talents ^^

i'm shivering while waiting for the official news because this is my first time experiencing my favourite Jrs. group to debut. i keep supporting them since 2008 & i will continue to support them as
ジャニーズWEST and i will do that also to the rests of Kanjuu XDDD

Omedetou ジャニーズWEST~~~~