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New arrival, new release

Hi ^O^
this week, i finally received my Arashi single & Ebi DVD and i'm so glad that Ebi's posters turn out to be fine, so much better than what HMV HK had done to my YUI's poster T_T , here
Later, i'd realized that the skits for this DVD were the rest that haven't being included in Zutto Love DVD, the ones that received a lower votes by fans.

*i feels like Ebi looks so different, which i think Ebi's make-up artist puts too much foundation on their face =P*

Well, yesterday i received a unexpected news *but it something that can be easily predicted*



i did predict that they might release it sooner but not TOO SOON. next month on 24th, 4 months after Arafes O_O
which the most exciting part about this DVD is, it taken during their Tokyo Dome concert December last year.
It's been a while that they used Tokyo Dome footage for a DVD. The last one was Time, it's on 2007!!! they rest was Kokuritsu & Fukuoka Dome for Scene concert.
i'm pretty much excited about this since they performed Super Fresh!! YAY FOR SUPER FRESH!!!!
what can i asked for more. My Girl is my most ultimate single from Arashi. Tokei Jikake no Umbrella for Arafes & now, Super Fresh for Popcorn *cries*

but the most hurtful thing is that, flumpool & NICO also will release new stuff on the same date. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
NICO will come out with a new album, Shout to the Walls! & flumpool with new DVD, Special Live 2013 Experience
why must all of my favourite Japanese artist release everything on the same date T_T
Arashi, NICO & flumpool are my top Japanese artist that i prioritize if they release anything.
of course i can't get all those on the same time. had to prioritize more for Arashi. why on earth......


seems like someone already upload this concert & i'm halfway to get all files.
sassuga from Eito, this concert is so awesome.
gonna watch this.
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